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The first thing to understand is that all your photos & documents must first be uploaded to your Media Library before they can be placed throughout your personal website. Generally, clients choose not to store their videos here because they are so large. They place their videos on YouTube or Vimeo type places Then they just copy the link and place it here.

Note however, some of our clients prefer to store their videos here also. They want the security of storing their memories on Amazon Web Serversfeel safer storing their important videos with all their other media, here on one place for the safest storage in America, Amazon Web Services. Your files are instantly stored to 10 different locations around the world. If nine sites go down at once, your files are still totally safe on the tenth server.

There are two different places to access your memories. Here, with a link to an album/gallery you makef or for your general topics or if you have a specific story like “2020 in Yosemite, make a New Story from the left side of the Dashboard.
There is no wrong answer. You might find that this area is better for general topics. Maybe pictures of Mary that wouldn’t make a Story but you sure want to share them. This is one of the places where you can store memories. Under each tab you can store any kind of media file. Photos, Videos, and Documents. pload your photos into your Media file on the Dashboard. Videos are not stored on your website because they are so large that you would use many gigabytes of storage. Instead, go your where your video is stored, like YouTube or Vimeo. Find you video and copy the link and place it in the video field. To duplicate a tab, click on it and then click on the doublepaper icon. To make a blank tab click on the + sign on the right.